Feature Request - User Subscription

Can you add a feature where you can subscribe to someone and they will be notified when a game is released?


The problem with this feature request is that CoSpaces Edu isn’t set up for social interaction - the current model is for schools and teacher-student relationships, with strict privacy controls.

Only teachers can post to the Gallery, but students can post unlisted links to this forum.

This forum is the social side, and you’d think it would be easy to follow a user, but I don’t believe it’s currently possible with the software, Discourse.

Geoff @ TechLeap

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Follow a user???

“Follow” is another term commonly used on various gaming and social media platforms, which means the same as “subscribe”.


Discourse looks exactly like cospaces forum, can some one explain to me the difference?

Thanks @EricTheDragon

Edit: @Everyone sry i get it now they are forums for different apps

Discourse is an open-source forum application which anyone can download and use to host their own forum; this is what CoSpaces Edu had done, to create this forum.