Fixing Code, HUD info and soldier count

Above is my level I am currently creating.

I am having trouble with the code on Level 2, especially around changing how many enemy soldiers are left and marking that the enemy soldiers have been hit and killed. I have had to sing into a different account due to not being able to login to the forums with my original account. Any suggestions or changes would be appreciated,

Thank you,


Hi @parzivalFB1,

There are two different “When collides with” CoBlocks. First one creates a handler for any collision and allows to do something with collided object named “anotherItem”. Second one - creates handler for collision only with specific object called “anotherItem” (if it is initialised).

I have replaced the second type Collides CoBlock with the first type and everything works.
Feel free to remix the space and explore the solution.

Hope that helps.

PS: Your code style is very good and the space is very interesting!