Full suite of keyboard shortcuts requested


I am still blocked and my quadriplegic son is not able to use your tool.

This could be remediated if you were to provide a full suite of keyboard commands that cover all aspects of your interface (including camera movement and control).

Another option is to provide Xbox controller integration as I can work with this. I just extended Xbox controller support with keyboard-based MatterPort integration : GitHub - mdear/EyeControl: Utility for controlling a vJoy controller using Tobii eye tracking

knowbility dot org slash blog/2018/WCAG21-214CharacterKeyShortcuts

forum dot edu dot cospaces dot io slash t/how-could-a-quadriplegic-teen-control-the-cospaces-app/7664


I wish I could help you but I’m smart enough.I know CoSpaces is created at the beginning forchildren wirh special needs. Maybe @Coralie has an idea. Idem @EdTechnocation

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I had first approached the CoSpaces design team in October of 2021 stating the very same set of needs.

My son has not had a good year and I’ve been forced to move to higher priority tech projects such as creating a breathing tube via 3d scan/model/print technology that allow my son to breathe without pain and serious medical risk, given his broken and contorted body.

I can’t do this on my own, if my son is to have a good life, I need other like-minded tech savvy people to come alongside me. Please. Help us.