Get ready for our next update!

Hi all! We wanted to inform you about our upcoming update in mid-April.
Here’s what we’re planning to release:

  • New Quizzes tool (Beta): We’re developing a tool for teachers to create quizzes in just a few clicks, assign these to their students and view results. More about this soon!

  • Workspaces: Teachers who are also using CoSpaces as students will be able to easily switch between a Teacher Workspace and a Student Workspace. This is particularly relevant for teachers taking trainings like the ones you offer in which they’re acting as students.

  • Polish will be added as a new language in CoSpaces Edu.

  • Playground: Free Play will be replaced by dedicated student areas in each of their classes and under the control of their teachers. Each teacher of a class will be able to decide whether and when they want to open/close their “Playground” for their students. Creating within a Playground will work the same as in Free Play and the only thing that will change for students is where this is located (in a class).

  • Gallery remixable: CoSpaces published to the Gallery will always be shared as remixable for the community. Sharing outside of the Gallery and unlisted is of course still possible.

  • District plan management will be improved.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Will there be any new 3d models or any new code blocks?


I would love monk for storytelling and 360 history spaces. San Benedecit, Luther and others are important figures in the EU school programs.


Wonderful news, I’m very interested in the quiz


we need improvement in the 3D modules and their animations

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Hi, thanks for your feedback! @ARVRTrainer
Can you please clarify what you mean by this? Any details you can provide are welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jurassic_P_Ark
We have a new collection of 3D objects coming pretty soon.
Stay tuned :wink:


In my opinion, Cospaces have to start moving to a new level of the platform by:

  1. Provide more realistic 3D Models.
  2. Allow the user to upload animated models with their animation, and do not close the animation on what are their on the library, Example (mixamo).
  3. improve the interaction between Users/Students by allow them to see each other inside the assignment.

As the students migrate to Playground, what happens to the Teacher’s personal Free Play spaces? Will they need to be migrated to a different area?

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We have many girls with a lot(!) of cospaces in the current free play including folders. Is there a way as a teacher to ‘bulk move’ all free play cospaces for a student to a Playground associate to a class? This would make my life so much easier :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thanks for your question!
The Teacher’s CoSpaces area won’t change in any way.

Hi there!

Only students can move their CoSpaces to a Playground but I’ll bring up this feedback with our product team. Thanks for letting us know!


Good question, I follow

Looking forward to the Quizzes tool. I’ve started testing it but wondering if it’s possible to link the Quizzes to an existing CoSpace creation?

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Nice idea! I can immagine my students entering in a quiz / assessment at the end ofa CoSpaces Espace Room @Coralie #quizz


Will students still have access to their Playground creations if they are switched to a new CoSpaces license when they move buildings?

I’ve tried quizzes, but it would be nice if you could create them and then call them in a template.

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Could it be possible for students to contact teachers in the future? It will help the students to get advise from teacher easier.

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Hi Shai,
Currently this isn’t possible but given the amount of requests around this, we’ll definitely think about it :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks for considering it, @Coralie ! I think it will definitely add a lot of value to the Quizzes function.

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