Go Pro for 1 teacher account only


i was wondering if there is a way to go “Pro” for just the one teacher (myself) before creating a license for the classroom?

I don’t want to purchase 30 seats without playing around with it myself first. is there a way to create and pay for a 1 teacher account in Pro mode?


Hi there,
At present there is no way for this, but actually we are considering introducing this feature where users could use the Pro for a very limited period of time, before making a decision.
Can you please send an email to sales@delightex.com and will let you know if this becomes available.

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Hi @Chay_Ly_Cheng,

We can now offer two solutions for your request!
If you’re interested, please send an email to sales@delightex.com.

Thanks and regards!

I am also interested in getting a teacher’s account without having to purchase 30 seats, if you could point me to a solution that would be great, thank you.

Hi @Samer_Hajjar,

Thanks for your interest in CoSpaces Edu Pro!
We do offer individual licenses with a corresponding pricing. You can always get all necessary information by contacting sales@delightex.com (from which email address I’ve just sent out a quote for you, anyway).