Go, Quest 2 and Pico

I am doing a workshop next week and got out my Go again because I’ll be using a set of Go for the workshop. I just wanted to check that My360°, CoSpaces and ThingLink would all work well in the browser. They work perfectly in the Oculus Browser on the Quest even though I have to say that even with the Quest I have a little “window effect” - so it seems like I am looking out of a window, there are black spaces visible all around my field of vision and it is a little laggy.
With the Go I’ve had that problem with CoSpaces, too (Firefox wouldn’t load at all). Also the browser uses the mobile website version so I have to switch to desktop mode in order to get immersion and use WebXR. However, no such problems for either ThingLink or My360° (the one by Delightex), they went right into VR. Firefox wouldn’t work well with any of them, the headset just got extremely hot and laggy.
I also had the opportunity of trying out a Pico Neo 2 and a Pico 4K. In Germany we have huge privacy concerns and I had hoped that I might be able to recommend the headsets since they say you can use a browser and therefore you don’t need an account. The app for CoSpaces works perfectly but the Firefox browser version has the same black window effect.
I was wondering if @CoSpacesEdu could try to fix that problem because it does seem to be WebXR related in general that is specific to CoSpaces. I’ve tried other websites with the same browser and it worked fine. I am all for WebXR because it takes a lot of technical issues out of the equation but I don’t feel immersed at all when I see the black spaces around my field of vision and cannot move my head fast.