Going through walls

I have two student games in which the students are driving cars or moving the camera straight through walls. How do we prevent this? We have tried everything we can think of.

Please check the answer to the similar question in this topic.

Hi Pavel,

This still isn’t working for my students. In Scene 2, notice how the cars go through the walls, despite enabling Static on them.


This happens because you control your cars with “Move” blocks from “Transform” category. In order to make your cars to respect physics you have to control them with blocks (eg “Push” block) from “Physics” category. This is also shown on the video in the topic linked above.

Also you should not enable “Set static” for cars that you want to move.

If you are creating a maze for instance and you want the character to stay between 2 walls. How would you do that while still allowing the character to move with the arrow keys.

Just to be clear, I don’t want the character to even rebound with the wall.