Google Earth/Maps in CoSpaces?

Hello and thank your for taking a moment to read my question. I am a new CoSpaces Edu teacher.

I am wondering if anybody has tried to import a Google Earth or Google Maps into a new Space. I would like to help a student import a Google earth .kmz file depicting a city with 3D buildings.

Thank you

Hey Karen,

.KMZ and its unzipped version, .KML, are place marker files and contain image data as one of several of its components, but are created for the use of 2D and 3D mapping programs. Therefore, I do not believe they are able to be inserted and treated as image files on CoSpaces. @Coralie, can this be verified? Thanks!


Adam Samuels
CoSpaces Ninja Ambassador

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Correct, we currently only support .gif, .png, .bmp and .jpg files for image upload at this time. Thanks, Adam!

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CoSpaces should watch out for this. Maybe they will be bought out by Google, but Google will do this if Cospaces doesn’t do it fast enough. This is needed in my Geography classroom.