Having 2 logins at once

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I am just checking if there is a way I can have 1 account logged into 2 places at the same time.

Essentially what I want is a student to be able to have the headset resting upon their head, changing their code, then testing the code by putting the headset on and clicking play.

The problem with this is, each time they need to re-log back in as it kicks them out when doing this. If necessary I don’t mind filling each account with 2 licenses, but this is sort of a must in regards to this.

If anyone has any workaround or possible solution, that would be wonderful.

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I agree, @Rory_McJorrow - while I understand the need to prevent a single license being used at the same time by multiple people, I think this issue needs fixing for the Quest browser and other high-end VR headsets which use a browser.

@Stefan, could you please add this to your issue tracker?

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

@Stefan do you have any update on this? This is quite crucial to my school programme, and would love to have this sorted asap.


Hi @Rory_McJorrow,

At this time only one account can be logged into a web app at a time (which includes the Oculus browser app as well). This restriction is indeed unfortunate for your case so I’ll internally forward your issue to see what we could do about it :slight_smile:

As a workaround you could use group assignments and assign two student accounts to them. One student account could be used for editing on a desktop machine, the other could be used for VR.