Help Needed to Code My Escape Room Game

Hi there,
I am stuck and need a CoSpaces expert to help me code my game.

Update Feb 26, 2022: With help from several folks here and on FaceBook, I think I’m making some small progress. I probably won’t need to find paid help.

Will pay an hourly rate for help to finish the game (Scene 5) so I can learn in the process. It shouldn’t take too long. I’m guessing 1 hour to max 2 hours. Please contact me if interested. You can message me here.

For example, when I try to replace the “1” with a variable, I can’t do it. When I try, the whole block is replaced. See Joy J Escape Room - Google Docs

CoSpaces game: CoSpaces Edu :: Joy Jambalaya's Escape Room

Thank you!


It’s not necessary paying for that.

You just need to choose carefully where are you dropping the variable. You can choose if you want to change the whole function or just the ‘1’.



Thanks a lot, Dani. I followed your example and enlarged my page font so that I can drop in the variable. Now I have to try and work on the rest though.

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Update: I solved the problem by adding Set scene navigation to false.

Hi folks, I have more questions. My game is nearly complete. But I need to know how to program it in such a way that players don’t go to the final/victory scene before they complete the obstacles.

E.g. in scene 4, after completing Challenge 1, I want the players to complete 2 before they click on the next scene. How do I program it in such a way that they complete Challenge 2 and Challenge 3 (parkour game scene 5) before they go to Scene 6?

Is there an “if” … “then” code I need to write?

I think some one wrote a script that you can add on the JavaScript side (not a block), that will eliminate the arrows on the navigation, so you can only go the scenes upon a win state that you write separately on the block side. I might have it archived somewhere, but I’ll have to look. If you search the forums for that feature though, I think that is where my student found that. I no longer have access to it, as it was at my last school account.


Thanks, Kevin. For now, I’ve used the Control codeblock: Set scene navigation to false and it’s worked. :smiley: But if you find an alternative, I’m also all ears.

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@Yinny890 Dearest, you don’t have to pay, don’t worry.
You can create an escape room now in beta mode by switching between scenes without the need for scripts. If you want I’ll show you then.
Alternatively you can share the link to your work and take a screenshot on the part you want to edit in order to help you.

@Yinny890 Tutorial for you!
Go to “Create” and select "Tour"

enter an object and if you want also a text and then click on it

Mark if resolve :slight_smile:

can you plz share the alternatine with us