Help with If statements

Hello. I can’t figure out how to find an if statement in your coding.

For example, I want to have something where

If this happens, say this

For my horse race

I want it to where if you bet on Seabiscuit, and he won, then you would show how much money you won.

Could you help?


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i love to help you would you help mr on my

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What did you mean?


Hi @Tim_D,

You can create 4 variables for every bet, change them on click and check their state when the race is over.
You have bets and end of race logic in different tabs, so you could create a function to pass them to another tab.
Please, take a look at the updated scene I created for you. In EndOfRace function you can check the condition of bets.

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Thank you, but Seabiscuit says 2, and Citation 0, when Citation won.

In my example every horse says bets on her when race is over.
You can calculate the income in this function or make a wallet and count money between races

Thanks. How would you keep a running count between races?

I would create a variable, initialise it and change after every bet and every end of race.
Because you have logic split into few tabs, you can create a new tab with global function addMoney to change the value.