Help with if (variable) = (number)! (escape room number combination)

Hi! I need help with my project (cospace link below is similar to what i actually wanted to make, for privacy reasons). I wanted to make the bicycle have a reaction after the shields are clicked in a certain combination (sequence not required), everything seems to work fine except for the last part (if shieldscombination = 3, set animation of bicycle to pedalling forwards and bicycle says ‘whoo!’). I’m not sure what’s wrong. Could someone help? I really need this quite urgently :((

link to cospace: shields combination

(if possible, could you suggest a possible code for sequencing? i.e. the shields have to be clicked in order :D)


My codes is not perfect i think but it works :
Hope it’s OK for u :wink: If yes, mark this post as a solution please.

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thanks, it’s what i was looking for :)) could you change your project to remixable? thank you :smiley:

ops, sorry, it’s OK now :wink:

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