Help with player falling off platform

Can someone please help this student. The player/camera falls off the platform when it lands on the spinning ledge. Is there a way to keep it from falling? Below is the share link. TIA

You are setting the player(camera) to the position of startPosition.

This places the camera inside startPosition. That causes a collision between the camera and startPostion so the camera moves forward and then it drops.
To fix this set the player(camera) to a position 2 meters above startPosition by adding to the Z-value of startPosition.

I also added code initialized the player position.
I hope this helps.

Here’s a link, CoSpaces Edu :: Try This Open doors with alpha or numeric key

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Sorry, I think I explained it incorrectly.
The problem is when the player lands on the spinning platform. He gets thrown off when the platform spins in a circle. TIA

you can attach the camera to the spinning platform for a bit with the “add child” block then you can detach the camera after a second or something

The problem is that the platform moves too fast. Try to turn the Cylinder slower or you can simply increase the camera movement speed.

Thanks everyone! Slowing down the platform was the easiest solution.