Help with quiz based scene triggers


I am new to CoSpaces and now have a project for my multimedia class. I have decided I would like to do 5-6 scenes from the story of Theseus, where there are 2 quiz questions, and then when they are answered correctly, the rest of the scene will play out.

I have watched almost every tutorial video on YouTube and I am having so many issues. I have little coding experience outside of HTML and LaTeX. How can I make quizzes redo if not all questions are answered correctly and if they are, how can I trigger the next part of the scene?

For example, answer 2 questions correctly, and then Theseus can walk to the rock and retrieve the sword underneath. Honestly, I’m not even sure how I’ll do this animation either…ugh…

Hi @kinseikun,

you could create a variable and count the correct answers and do actions depending on the outcome. If you want to redo the quiz, it makes sense to create a function with it.
I created an example for you. The quiz is inside the function and the returned result is checked in the If CoBlock. You could replay the quiz in this example if it is failed or go to next scene in case of success. Feel free to remix and explore

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