Hi, how do you make a character for a boardgame? Thanks

Hi I’m Jessie and I was wondering if you could help me with my boardgame project thanks!

…? You gave no context so nobody has any idea how to respond to this. The best info I can give you is an example that I hope will answer your question but if not reply with more information about your board game and what exactly it is your trying to make.
If I want to make a chess game, I could go into Tinkercad (look it up, its a free 3d modeling website that is easy to use) or maybe just look up “chess piece 3d model” and download some chess pieces (MAKE SURE THEY ARE .obj) - then I can go to the import in the bottom menu in cospaces, and drag my file in. It will convert it and viola you have a chess piece. Hope this helped.