Hi I was wondering how to

hi I was wondering how to make a big mansion with people in side in it

Hey! Look in the gallery at the CoSpaces goldilocks and remix it. Zooming in and out is key, along with knowing your coordinates of people/coblocks. One piece I suggest is locking objects like walls or pictures when you have them in place so you don’t move them around accidentally.


ok thanks that really helped me

Follow the instructions and remember that you can change the colors by right clicking on the object.
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Besides @mpage suggestion of “locking objects”, I think a “Mask” function would help you also.

Hi, Um I’m wondering if it is possible to make a character sit down on an object like a couch?

Hi @Anna_Lowenfeld, surely it is possible. Load the sofa and a character from the library. Double click on the character → animation → choose the pose you like best among the various ones. Then you can move the character on the sofa or you can use the attach function to connect it to the sofa. Look at this tutorial: