Hide and seek game

For my hide and seek game how would i have the seeker find me? and how would i randomize where the hider goes

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I can’t imagine if this is possible but maybe Alessio has an idea. @Alessio_Bonini questo potrebbe essere ‘pane per i tuoi denti’

Maybe you can create some cristal squares and, give them names (1, 2, 3…)

Next, you have to create a list including the names as variables

After that, you can set the position of the hidden character on top of random number (1 to 3) cristal square…

Let me know if that works :slight_smile:

i works but they all go to the same postion

Yes, but if you set so many diferent positions and randomize them you wouldnt know the position of the character

Anyway, you can try this: