Hello I hope you are having a good day. I am making this game that is about running things over and collecting points depending on how small or big the item is. I have it set up so there is a score counter and when the game ends you get teleported to a new scene which shows the score. I have a button in second scene to start over but I was wondering if there was a way to add a 2nd button that would teleport you to a 3rd scene, and it would show all your past scores so you could basically have a leaderboard. If this is possible also a way to have it from greatest number to least.

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Hi @Charles_Byers,
I think a solution can be adding a cospace property, basically, a variable except you can save it across scenes, then you can add the code “go-to scene” block when the button to the scoreboard is clicked. Sadly, there’s no block that can save a score globally, so there cannot be a leaderboard for all the people who have played it. I can send you an example later if you’d like!

@Bladebob20000 yes that would be amazing thank you

Goodmoring I was wondering how your example was coming along?

Hi @Charles_Byers here is an example i made CoSpaces Edu :: scoreboard function i dont know if this what you wanted but
a global scoreboard can be done but then you have to change it manually by making a button opening a site or something to send you an email and screenshot of their score, so that you can change the “Scoreboard”

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