How can I get rid of the timer?

Hi~ there,
I am such a rookie user. Please help me.
I am trying to make a navigation with coBlacks. When a point hovers on a button, a timer appears and starts to count down from 3. If the number becomes ‘0’, the scene will be changed. However when I move the point out of the button, the timer should be disappeared. Can you please let me know how to get rid of the timer when the point is out of the button?
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Here is the link that I am working on.

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Hi @Min

could you please provide a share link to your space? The link you posted below is the link to your private space (which only you have access to).

Here’s how:

Thank you~

Thanks for sharing! We’ll take a look at your space and come back to you with a solution soon :slight_smile:

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Hi~ Stefan.
Could you please let me know about the solution?
I am waiting…
Thank you~

Hi @Min,

Here’s an improved version that displays & removes the timer the correct way! Please remix the space to see how it’s done :slight_smile:

Thank you so much~!!

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