How can I put a student's freeplay project into a group world?

Hi there,

I have a student who has made things in his free-play area and he wants to add them into the group area. Is this possible?

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Kia ora Ashton,

Is the student wanting to add them to an existing assignment from Free Play? While this is not generally possible, you can set their project as an assignment, but getting them to

  1. Share the project with you (by clicking the project menu and selecting Share with Teacher)
  2. Go to their project, click on the menu and copy to My CoSpaces
  3. Go to the project in My CoSpaces, click on the menu and select Use as Assignment

Alternatively, students could Share their project and you could create a website displaying your Class Gallery of projects.

@Coralie, I wonder if this is an opportunity to improve CoSpaces by adding a Class Gallery, or allowing projects in Free Play to be substituted for an assignment project?

Geoff @ TechLeap

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Hi there, thanks for your reply.
I think the student wants to transfer his work from the free play world into the group world.
There appears to be no way of doing this atm.

Yes, I wish to allow students to combine their projects into one scene with multiple tabs too. But cant seem to do this atm. Would be really helpful for teachers.