How Can I see the full blocks?

I am getting acquainted with coblocks, but I am finding this frustrating. Is there any way to make this easier to view so I can see the whole block?

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Hi @btcostello05!

seeing the full CoBlocks in the toolbar is a much-requested feature we’re currently working on.

On desktop, you’re able to preview the full CoBlocks with your mouse whenever you hover over them. We’re also tinkering with suitable solutions for mobile, since you don’t have a mouse on touch devices. These improvements will come to tablets soon.

Next to that, there’s an improved toolbox and block-design in the works to make the viewing experience more clear. Especially when it comes to finding the blocks you need from the toolbox.

Stay tuned for updates!

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Is there a chance there will be documentation on all the blocks soon? It would be very helpful for unexperienced teachers to deal with programming if they had the option to get a explanation for all the blocks. Maybe separately and as an option as tooltips when hovering over the block in question? The documentation should have an example that isn’t too abstract.

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Hi @petiteprof79,

the tooltip on hover is a good idea! We’re preparing tutorials to help with the most commonly used blocks and how to get started with CoBlocks, so keep an eye out on the tutorial forum.

We’re always looking for more ideas about helping everyone get started with our take on block-based programming. If you like, feel free to drop me a PM to talk about getting our CoBlocks documentation off the ground and started :slight_smile:

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I am also a newbie here. Through the replies to your question I came to know something in this regard.