How can i stop making a image go through walls/blocks?

I’m working on a 2d platformer thing in cospaces with a image and I want it to stop moving when it gets to a block. Is there a way to make this possible?

This might give you some clues - it’s one way to achieve this:

Another could be to use collision events to stop the image - it really depends on the nature of the game.

Hope that helps!

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi everybody!
Children tie the camera to a person and turn on the physics of the person and the walls. But it goes through walls. He also falls, because of physics, the children tried to solve this problem by tying an invisible flat box to him, but it didn’t help much. The main problem is that a person walks through walls, children want to build a maze, but it doesn’t make sense if you walk through it freely) Here is an example of how a person inside a room leaves unhindered, although human physics and physics at the walls are turned on. Where did we make a mistake and how do we fix it?
Go forward with the w key

Hi @Nepodarok ,
here is your issue fixed.

Good luck.

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Thanks! Do I understand correctly that you have added weight to a person? Now it doesn’t go through the wall so easily. But he falls easily, and in this case he flies through the wall lying down)) I’m thinking how to ensure his stability…

At first I thought that when he falls, he sneaks under the wall, because from below he is not limited to an object with the properties of physics. Then we added a floor (and made the walls more transparent to better observe and understand the process). But he can still jump out when he lies down and moves “up”. It looks funny and strange.

Weird behavior, what do you think @techleapnz ?


Advanced CoBlocks > Physics > Restrict rotation for x on y on z off - apply this to your character.

Make sure the walls have Physics enabled too.

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