How Convert Sketchfab Model in Blender

Hello @Giuseppe_Schiuma

You have many helpful post where you convert peoples models but I can find nothing about how to actually do it in Blender. I’ve spent several hours Googling but with little success.

Autodesk FBX Converter works but only about 20% of the time:(

Could you please direct me to a tutorial walking through the process?



Hi @jlfjlf,
I’ll make it as soon as possible.

Hi @jlfjlf, I tried to make a little tutorial about your question. Hope this helps you and many others that have the same problem… sorry for my bad english!


Sometimes it’s simply that the materials are zipped up in folders - in this case, taking them out of folders and putting into the same folder as the OBJ/FBX, and changing the path to material files often works.

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This is very helpful - thank you very much!

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Thank you @Giuseppe_Schiuma

Connecting the color_filename to the base_color in Blender was the missing link for me.

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