How do I get the Light Object

So I remixed into the darkness by Blaizifying and I found this object called light, I was wondering how to get it in CoSpaces. Thank you in advance


I’ve found this but I don’t know if it is useful for you.

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But theirs an object that blaizifying used. What is it?

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Sorry. I don’t know. I hope there is someone will explain it to you soon.

Hi @Jurassic_P_Ark !
“light” is just the name of the object, you can choose to call it light or sunshine, but in the end, is not more than a cone which can have a yellow colour.

Answering your main question, is there a way to set the lightning of an object, I suggest you this post where people smarter than me talk about it.

Look at this photo, it´s just a flashlight with a yellow “cone frustrum”. What can you do to change a colour of an object? You can set when light collides with the object, set the colour to…, I think it could work.

Hope it helps,


Thank you! That helps a lot.

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