How do i make a item follow you . like if you walk and you have a pikachew to follow you . NO PATH ITEMS

please help !!!

Hi Rachel,
you can put your two objects in place then attach them to another object like a cube.

you should change the cube opacity to 0.
if you want to use a path, attache the cube to the path and move it. If not, use the coblock β€œmove” on the cube.


I hope it’s clear. Let me know if it helps. Good luck.

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no i mean when you walk the pikachew comes and interract with you i dont need it to be attached to something like a man i need it so when im in play it can walk and follow YOUnot a MAN OR SOMETHING

Here is code to make a character follow you(the camera).

I added three walls to demonstrate the effect of physics on the character that is following you.

Hope this helps.

it kinda helps just when its close to you it stops walking but when you move it follows you and i need it so it wonders around then goes back to you