How do i make invisable barrier?

Hi i need help making invisable barrier

Hi @noaml2009,

have you tried turning down the opacity of your barrier object material to 0%?

Let me know if you need any more help.

It worked, btw how do i lower the light in room/ area so i could make it darker?

Yo cannot modify the room light, but maybe using a dark filter in the enviroment it would be usefull to your project.

Hi @noaml2009 I found an interesting idea to lower the light. I invite you to have a look at the coding in the image original CoSpaces ‘Batik Island’


@DaniYubero Good idea to make use of a filter in general. Though the “Environment - Filters” do affect the lighting of the entire scene. @noaml2009 You could try to build your own filter by choosing complete black (#000000) as a custom material color on any item you want to build your room/area with, and then play with the opacity.

Choosing different colors in the material settings can have an effect on the mood you might want to create. But be aware that this will affect the color of the original material.

The screenshots show separate wall items stuck right to the actual floor, wall and ceiling. See how the different levels from 0% to 100% opacity have an effect on the light. And how that contrasts the environment looking outside from inside the room.