How do you attach glasses or a face mask to a character's face to where the character does not move through it when talking?

I have tried to attach but it wouldn’t work.


Here is how to attach objects:

Glasses or face masks you need to attach to the Eyes - Slot.

I hope that helps!

Hello @Simon, I am having trouble with the attach.
I have attached the sitting girl to an animated and non-animated object but the two don’t move together on the path. I have grouped and locked and they still are not joined as one when play pressed. CoSpaces Edu :: CoSpace 25. Thank you

Hello @c3D!

You were already close to the solution! When you attach the girl to another object, make sure to move the other object on the path.

Please see this example: CoSpaces Edu :: Attaching

I hope that helps!

I’m just testing it. Disregard the bike for now. Why is the chair not moving with her. They are attached to one another and on the path?
Thanks for your quick response!

Oh, sorry, just saw the example. Thank you!!!