How I can ungroup by CoBlocks

Hello Cospacesers,
I have a question , can i ungroup by CoBlocks , not by the properties.

Thank you

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Hi @Zaitoun2021 just select your group, double click, and select UNGROUP see the photo. If this answer resolved you problem you can assign this post as resolved.
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Thank you, but i want it in Coding

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Hi @Zaitoun2021,

Currently, there are only Coblocks for detaching/attaching objects, maybe you can use these blocks to attach your “grouped objects” onto a single object, and detach it during the game to make it happen just like ungrouping.

Hope this helped!

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Thanks for replying,
Attaching is different from grouping,
At the first i make group of object, then i want to control of object with ungroup, separately

Thanks Cospacesers

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You could change the scene and with the UNGROUPED elements ( simple solution but I don’t know if this is what you really want

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I want it during when the code running, to control on the element without grouping.

Thanks for replying :rose:

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