How often does site Go Down?

The site has failed to load for over 10 minutes now. I am curious as to how often this happens? I would hate to build on the platform only to cancel scheduled classes because the site is down?

It looks like this outage lasted 4+ hours. I see 4 or 5 posts below this one the same issue occurred (“log in problems”).

This is vey serious. One can’t cancel classes over and over for 4 hours.

Can someone from the Cospaces team address this please?

Maybe you could license a client that could be spun up on another hosting platform like AWS or something?

Canva slide shows have the same problem but at least you can make a backup PDF of the slides and continue.

Sometimes site problems are legit, and to do with particular nodes in the cloud network; sometimes they’re to do with your local network (school, district, country). If you have a VPN, you can sometimes test this.

I have teachers in Australia also reporting the site was down 3 hours ago. This has happened two weeks running on a Wednesday to this particular teacher - it is not isolated to her school. She only sees that cohort of students once a week - which means she is unable to complete the lessons.

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From my experience as a web developer, sites go down when they’re overloaded with requests (run out of memory), or when they’re down for maintenance/upgrades, or when there’s an issue with a data center ( see Server Status: Updates - #3 by Pavel).

It’s annoying, and I’m sure the team are investigating. @Stefan it think it would instill confidence for CoSpaces Edu educators if a server status page could be developed to proactively show where in the world issues are occurring which the team are aware of.

Platform is down again right now…

Down again right now…

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Hi @jlfjlf and @techleapnz,

thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re aware of other users experiencing similar server issues and are looking into the cause.

I’ll also relay your server status page idea to our team, @techleapnz :slight_smile:

Nice post…thanks for sharing

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