How to answer questions in vr

When I was creating my prototype(roller coaster), I added some quiz on the track which could be answerable in my laptop. Al though in Vr, its not answerable or clickable. Please help.

I am adding some additional details to my students’ issue ^^
It seems that the reason why the quiz isn’t answerable/clickable comes from the controllers’ position. When we ride the roller coaster, the camera follows the cart as expected but when in an elevated position we can see that the controllers and their light beams are located at the bottom of the roller coaster (at ground level)
I am unable to comprehend why the controllers seem to to follow the camera… Any idea or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Can you please share your CoSpaces (Remixable) in order to experience the problem?

If the camera is inside the hit box of another object, you will be unable to click outside of the parent object. You will need to move the camera so it is outside of the parent, in order to be able to click on other objects.

Controllers will follow the camera if they are attached to the camera or the parent which the camera is attached to.

Sure, thank you for your help in advance.
Here : CoSpaces Edu :: Roller coaster - Sharat & Sunmin

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Thank you very much for your help. Let me check this out with my students to see if we can make it work this way.

Hi @MH_HJIS, tell me if I understand your question: you want to visualize the question when you hit the ellipsoid and if your answer is correct you can continue. If it is correct I think that your code will be this one:


Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your help Guiseppe but my issue is different, I am unable to click on the answers when the question pops up, this only happens when using the VR headsets and its controllers.

Hi techleapnz,

How can you attach controllers? Unlike the camera, I don’t think they appear in the element menu. My idea is that they were included in the camera by default.
Also, I don’t think we really need to click on objects other than the answer in the question menu that pops up on the screen when we touch the ellipsoid. We made sure to put the camera inside the cart so they are linked together, but it doesn’t seem enough to have to controllers follow…

Sorry @MH_HJIS, I misunderstood what you were saying about the controllers (I didn’t realise you were talking about VR controllers). Are you using the Vive, Quest, or some other headset?

That sounds like an interesting bug, and one that perhaps only the CoSpaces devs can resolve. @Ilya.Shkuratov @Tamara.Koehler, the VR controllers aren’t following along with the Camera when the Camera is moved via CoBlocks, and as they are not objects, they cannot be attached.

Is there an easy solution?

No worries @techleapnz, thank you always for your help on this and on other previous issues! We are using Oculus quest 2. I’ll try to screencast the problem today and share it here.

Here is the video of it. At first, when I look to the right while the cart is going up, I can see the controllers staying static on the ground (they can be seen in small with their white light beams). Then, when the question pops up, even though I can (with difficulty) bring the cursor (black dot), I can’t select the answers or at least nothing happens when I click.
Hopefully, this helps someone figure out where this issue is coming from.

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After watching your video, you need help from CoSpaces Team Support, that’s a bug. Tamara, Coralie or Joy will answer you ass soon as possible.
Thanks for reporting!!!

While the bug is solved, you can try to simulate the question mode designing buttons that appear when the car collides whith something.

There are two ways to do it I think, first using variables, second using “when”.

You agree @techleapnz?

@techleapnz , @MH_HJIS thank you for the report, we will take a look at the problem.

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Sorry @DaniYubero, I’m unsure of what you’re proposing.

The problem is that the user has no way of accurately clicking on anything, or controlling anything, because the controllers are on the ground, and the Camera is in the air.