How to embed Real terrain?

Is it possible to use real earth terrain, just as we upload human and object models?
Thanks, Yaniv

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Hi Yaniv,
You can go to
downkiad your stl and upload to Cospaces.

Ohalo College, Israel

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Thanks Yoni and Sorry for the delayed response. the mial arrived to spam folder…
If you have experinced using real-world terrains i’d be happy the hear more about your experience.
Thanks, Yaniv

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I imported one into a space,
I hoped the library objects could interact with the terrain; i.e. a spheres simulating water flow, characters walking on the surface. Those won’t work because the bounding box around the .stl file. You could use a path but it would have to be shaped to the terrain which isn’t practical.

How are you going to using the terrain file?


Hi, yes.

so what would you suggest?

I am not using terrain files as a ground to walk on but to show students with AR the surface of our country.
@MrWolken shared his idea to use it but I didn`t get the idea with the water.

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Thanks Yoni. Coil’d you share an example of your use of terrain?

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I put the link for the example in the kast comment :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!
Is it possible to zoom in in order to understand the terraim resolution?
Is the resolution adaptable and can be configured during its manufactorng?

Did you try to download a STL file from the site I mentiones earlier? (
the resulotion can be configured there, I recommend you try it before further discussion :slight_smile:

I have a project in it`s early stages using terrain stl.
you are welcome to check it out/

It is a 3d represantation of an archeological site that is on a hill.

this is very similar to what we are trying to do. can we talk by phone and discuss some technical issues?

Thanks, Yaniv


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