How to embed Real terrain?

Is it possible to use real earth terrain, just as we upload human and object models?
Thanks, Yaniv

Hi Yaniv,
You can go to
downkiad your stl and upload to Cospaces.

Ohalo College, Israel

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Thanks Yoni and Sorry for the delayed response. the mial arrived to spam folder…
If you have experinced using real-world terrains i’d be happy the hear more about your experience.
Thanks, Yaniv

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I imported one into a space,
I hoped the library objects could interact with the terrain; i.e. a spheres simulating water flow, characters walking on the surface. Those won’t work because the bounding box around the .stl file. You could use a path but it would have to be shaped to the terrain which isn’t practical.

How are you going to using the terrain file?


Hi, yes.

so what would you suggest?

I am not using terrain files as a ground to walk on but to show students with AR the surface of our country.
@MrWolken shared his idea to use it but I didn`t get the idea with the water.