How to enter an .stl object

Hi. I imported a .stl file of a castle. It has no floor. When I try to walk into it, I am transported to the other side. I cannot go inside it with camera collision turned off or on. Suggestions?

Uploaded objects don’t have customized collision boxes, that’s why you can not walk in.
But let’s have a look, can you share the link to the scene, please?

Sure. Here you go:


So as I said, when you upload an object, the collision boxes around it are getting created automatically, so you can select and collide with the object. But there is a little workaround to achieve what you want to do.

You can use javascript to stop the castle to be a collidable object, using this line:


You can find the ID of the castle from the inspector and enter it in the brackets.
Please keep in mind that this is an internal method and can change at some point.
Now you can enter your castle but not collide with the walls anymore. So you can use some invisible cubes and place them at the position of the castle walls.

I hope that is helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. Where exactly do I paste that code? I tried to paste it into the box under “Item ID” but not all the code gets pasted. There is no other box to enter it. I didn’t see the “brackets.”


Open the coding window and paste the code there.
In the 3D window you doubleclick the castle to open the inspector and copy the ID by clicking the “Copy ID” button as seen in the Screenshot.
Paste this ID in the brackets in the coding window.
If you press play now, you should not collide with the castle anymore and be able to go inside.

I hope it helps.

Objects are treated as a solid object. There is no way to navigate the camera inside. As soon as you enter the object, you pass through the object. I don’t see a work around other than perhaps adding a few castles, houses, shelters, or other buildings in the library such as the igloo or barn that allow you to navigate within. That would help my younger students. I am also VERY much looking forward to categorized library objects. It is very hard to find doors and sea creatures as they both live in the More objects category.