How to get pairs of characters to have a conversation

I’m currently creating a cafe-themed virtual room and I want the character to have a conversation where
We have to click on these characters one by one where I want the character to reply to messages, for example like this

  1. We have to click the first character then the text appears “hello”
  2. we have to click on the second character so that the text appears “hi”
  3. we click the first character to reply “I want to order coffee”
  4. we click on the second character again so we can reply to the message “I will prepare it, please wait a moment”
    And so on

I really need help from friends
Hope someone can help

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Hi, @Maulana_Yusuf . Can you share the code you’re using so we can help you troubleshoot it? You just need to “On Click” block when coding your characters.

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