How to make a counting timer

i am now making a game that about escape room. And now, i wanna make a number clock that can count time in the game. Anyone know how to make it?

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Hi @kit,

  1. Create a variable called “clock” and set it to the number of seconds required
  2. Add a repeat x times loop block with the clock variable value as the x parameter.
  3. Inside the loop block, put wait 1 second and change variable by block (1 or -1 depending on whether you want to increase or decrease)
  4. Set the text of your text object (your timer) to the value of your clock variable

Also see:

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about this. If this solves your problem, please mark this post as the Solution.

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

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hi there im just want to have a timer in my game that makes it to when the timer is up it ends the cospace and your restart but it also shows on your screen when you play

you just need to add an “If”.

If clock variable is equal or less than zero, restartthe game.


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I want to change te ‘0’ in ‘klok’ image, just like on the image above from DaniYubero. B
ut when I drag the klok-block in this space, it changes to
Can you explain me how to do this?

Hi @rdw

Just view this video, if you habe further problems answer tagging me please :wink:

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Yes, that’s it! Thank you!