How to make your character walk and how to stop your character when you want

Hello, I have a problem with walking and stop walking thing. So when my character is walking he needs to stop somewhere I mean he needs to stop walking not moving. Then he keeps waking like I cannot stop the character when I want to. Can you show me how to make it walking and stop walking? Thanks a lot.

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You can create different and consecutive paths. Whenever a path ends, it stops. Then pause and continue with the second path. And so on. It depends on the routes you have in mind. Remember also to pause the walking animation each time and then reset it.

You need to use the path the path is the only way or use code

If u are not using path the solution is simple: make the movment like 0.1 metres in 0.1 seconds (the important thing is 0.1 seconds tto make sure the prompt is going to stop in max 0.1 seconds).

the second solution (if u are using paths) is to create a copy of the character when you want to stop it and then delete the first character.