How to move your view when creating

Hi! I’ve been trying to move my view, but, a small problem, my co-space is due by next week (week 9) Can someone help move my view. Reply if you know how to move the screen. Thanks!

Hi @Mayriah_Spicer,

Could you please explain how you want to move the camera? Do you want to move your camera while editing your scene, or do you want to move your camera programmatically with the help of CoBlocks?

If you need help with the editor controls, here’s a quick overview:

  • To rotate the camera around, you can click and drag over the screen
  • To pan the camera, you can hold down the spacebar and click and drag over the screen (only works on desktop)
  • To focus on an item, either:
    • Select the item and press the V key (only works on desktop)
    • Open the item hierarchy and double tap the item

The video below shows these controls in detail.

Hope this helps!

Here, use this example. This will allow better camera control. Your on a computer right?

Use the WASD keys to move the camera left, right, backward and forward. Use QE to move the camera up and down.

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Hi Stefan! I only need to know how to move my camera when editing my scene. Blazifying - I am on IOS

Oh ok, well they are simple controls but here you go,

One finger: Moves the camera on the x-axis
Two fingers Rotating: Rotates the camera on the x-axis
Two fingers Up/Down: Rotates and moves the camera on the z-axis
Two fingers Pinch Out: Zooms the camera in
Two fingers Pinch In: Zooms the camera out

Hope this helps!

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