How to play music files?

I am writing to ask something.

I’m a teacher. I need to make some educational resources by using cospaces.

Is it possible to play music file when I click the object?

Example No. 1

I have plan to make art museum project. I want to play music files( actually this file would explaining about art) when students click the art object(picture or statue)

Example No. 2

I have plan to make English conversation project. I want to play music files ( this file would be recorded dialog files.) when student click the person.

If it’s possible just let me know how to.
And if I need to join Cospaces Edu pro, I will.

First, try to search in this forum using the search bar above before posting.
Second, use this coblock GG

If you need a free access to cospaces Edu use this trial code COSHAKIMFA.
Good luck.

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