How to point an object at another object

Hello I am trying to make one object face anther objects X, Y and Z so that I can make the first mentioned object move forwards and run into the second object (not using physics).

I have the same request. There does not seem to be a way to do this (with the blocks available). There is a “get direction” block, there I do not see where it can be used.

Of course, we could roll up our sleeves and do a little bit of trigonometry in order to use the “turn” blocks. :nerd_face:

Hi there!

We’ve got two turn item to look at... - blocks for that in CoBlocks. You can find them in the Transform -> Rotation subcategory.

Our CoBlocks tutorial about functions uses the turn item - block, so you can see them in action there :slight_smile:

Ahh! I was using Blockly; that’s why I could not find that feature.
Are you guys planning to phase out Blockly? (I guess I could take a look at the roadmap)