How to precisely set starting position, scale, rotation, colors, opacity, etc. WITHOUT programming?

At present it is possible to precisely set the starting position, scale, rotation, colors, opacity, etc. of objects through programming (CoBlocks, Blockly, or Javascript).

However, I don’t see any way to do so without using programming. For example, I can only change each object’s:

  • Position by clicking and dragging.
  • Color by right clicking, clicking the paint brush icon, then choosing a color imprecisely from the color palette (rather than by specifying say the RGB code).

Similarly for many other attributes.

Hi @sj187!

you can use the snapping mode (shortcut S) to help rotating items at fixed angle-steps as well as move them along the grid.

There are no detail options in the inspector for position / rotation / color RGB and scale available yet. We’d like to keep the inspector lightweight so that newcomers to CoSpaces are not getting overwhelmed. However, we’re looking into ways to expose more detailed attributes on our items while keeping the item information at hand easily digestible.

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