How to run a few actions simultaneously

In order to run a few actions at the same time we need to use the “run parallel” block.
You can find it in Control Flow / Other category of the toolbox.

This block has two sections, that you can add the two simultaneous actions to:

If you need to add more than two actions, you have to add another “run in parallel” block as a sub-block of the “run in parallel” block in order to add more parallel actions to execute:

Is there a limitation on the maximum number of parallel execution slots?
It seems to me that the parallel execution can accommodate at most 3 simultaneous actions. Any attempt to include more than 3 actions will be ignored.
Please advice.

I’ve done 6 simultaneous parallel tasks and it seems to work. Of course, they are not parallel tasks on the same asset and they aren’t actions that are meant to actually execute at the same time, just available. Not sure if that matters.

Many thanks! :heart_eyes: