How to upload custom 3D models

Next to the .obj + .mtl support, we’re happy to announce .fbx 3D model support for CoSpaces and are looking forward to see your creative use of 3D models!

How do I upload custom 3D models?

Simply drag and drop the 3D file plus any textures that belong to it into the scene. The files can be selected on their own, or uploaded as .zip file.

Alternatively, you can press the 3D model upload button from the Upload - category

All 3D items uploaded to your space are stored in the Upload - tab! You can drag and drop them in your scene like all other 3D items from the library.

Supported file formats

  • 3D files:
    • .obj (+ .mtl)
    • .fbx
    • .stl
  • Texture files:
    • .png
    • .jpg
    • .bmp
    • .tga

Files can also be uploaded as .zip archives!

Model, texture and material limitations

  • Only simple textures are supported (no normal, specular, metallic, alpha with transparency)
  • Animations of .fbx files are not supported yet
  • The model + textures should not exceed the total file size of 50mb

Model upload troubleshooting

If your 3D models fail to upload properly, please check out this thread to report your problem. We’ll take a look at the model and try to support it in future releases.