How would I make power ups?

I’m used to using Scratch so this is semi new to me

Hi @Gogoman526,

Could you please specify your request?

Do you want to place objects that change the behaviour on the scene? You could place an object and add "When collides " block from the Event category. So it would execute the code inside this coblock when player touches it and would work as power ups in games

in mario. no i don’t

Like make it so that if you collect a certain item you get an extra hit point or makes it so that you can throw things to defeat enemies

no i don’t know how to

You would need to set a variable to hold the score. Set the score text to be a child of the camera, so the text follows the camera. Use the ‘When player collide with power up item’ block, change the score by 1 and use the ‘delete’ block to delete the power up on exit.

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