I can not upgrade my plan

Few days ago I signed up for a new basic account and my school has bought a pro license. I have the activation key but neither at the website or the App I have the option to enter my activation code. I have already watched videos of how to do it but the button does not appear on my screen. How can I do it?
Thanks in advance.

几天前,我注册了一个新的基本帐户,而我的学校已经购买了专业许可证。 我有激活码,但是在网站或应用程序上都没有,我可以选择输入激活码。 我已经看过有关如何执行此操作的视频美国毕业证购买,但是该按钮没有出现在屏幕上。 我该怎么做?

Please, send your problem to support@cospaces.io

what is your problem ?
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