I can´t import, to cospaces, objects 3D


when i import files .obj+ .mtl+ .png, some objects are white ou grey, the texture is not on the object. My students are doing a project and they are waiting for a help.

I uploaded a file so you can see the example.

Can you help us?

thank you

Ficheiros CoSpaces.zip (3.6 MB)

Hi @anasmaria0,
to export your object with all textures, you have to drag and drop all three files at once.

thank you @Nikolay

i tried again and the object is always grey! i don’t know what i 'm doing wrong!

thank you

Looks like Blender incorrectly exported your object. The mtl file doesn’t contain any information about the texture. You can try to re-export it or add “map_Kd TextureBoat.png” string to your mtl file.

I corrected it manually and you can download the changed file here Wood_Boat.mtl (258 Bytes)

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