I cannot see client and client cannot see me

After sending client an invite they open it but when they click on video they cannot see me nor can I see them and then something comes up about not editing??? what is this all about - please help as I am losing clients. Thanks for the help. In kindness, Colli

Hi Colli,

thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately this forum is sole for questions and topics related to CoSpaces Edu. If you have issues with another Delightex product (in this case I guess it’s about CoachingSpaces, right?), please send an email to support@delightex.com.

Thank you!

Thanks so kindly and I have sent several to them but no answer. Thanks kindly. Very frustrating. I see they are closing shop so maybe this is a big part of the problem

Hi Colli, I have received your e-mail and just sent an answer, please check it out! Thanks!