I cannot see "the AR view" in my cell phone when playing my work

Playing Cospaces App, I can see the VR view but not see the AR view in my cell phone.
Is it a cell phone problem? Or do I need to change the settings?

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I can see the VR mode and the gyro sensor. but i want to see the AR mode.

What brand & model is your cell phone? I also have lost that ability on my Galaxy S7, though this could be due to changing to LineageOS (Android 11).

I’m sorry to be late.
This phone is Galaxy A21S with Android 12. It works well in the gyro sensor mode.

Hmmm, @Stefan any thoughts on why the AR view might have disappeared from the Android app?

If no AR view is available in the context menu then @user27 's device is sadly not on the list of supported Android devices.

For a full list of devices that can use the AR mode please check out google’s list of ARCore supported devices.

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Looks like the Galaxy A21S is one of the few in that range which doesn’t support ARCore. Mine does, but perhaps I’m missing a few ARCore-related apps due to running LineageOS (Android 11).

I also checked the list and made sure that the Galaxy A21S wasn’t on the list.
And now I understand few phones don’t work in the AR mode.
I’ll keep that.
Thank you for the detailed explanation.

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