I can't make coding game like ice skating game


i just start cospaces and tried make this game. it was so difficult.
let me know blockly please.

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Hi @btkitty! Thanks for reaching out. The ice skating game was actually developed with many different tools, not just Blockly coding so in this sense, it is difficult to recreate. We do have plenty of tutorials available on Youtube for coding so perhaps you can watch them and have a better idea for what is possible? You can find the videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6VsnmaKQ9MNRpJbFsIhoGw

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If this game is impossible or difficult to recreate again. Is there will be the same situation with other games and websites? I want to build a website like this construction site Istanbul Real Estate. Everything should be the same like same color combination, design, and everything.