I have code that isn't working, I need help

Some of my code isn’t working. If the code was working, when you collide with the checkered walls a effect happens, but two of the three are not working.
Go to the second scene When you click one of the doors the camera is moved to a hallway with a checkered wall to the right, if you collide with it the camera meant to move to a room where there is no escape (that wall doesn’t work). If you don’t walk into the first checkered wall and move forward, to the right there is a split in the path, in front of the camera there is a checkered wall (that doesn’t work) that is meant to move you forward and make you have to continue and not go back. The other path has a checkered wall that does work and does what the wall before was meant to do. I need help debugging the not working code.

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Hi @Caleb_Lam,
I took a look at the code. You are using several When Camera Collides blocks successively. Every call rewrites the collision filter for that item and only the latest one is used.
To solve this, please change you collision blocks parameters as follows: When Door Collides with Camera.
That will make all three doors work as you wanted

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