I have multiple when key pressed coblocks and would like to have one work only after you press another one

I have a fighting scene where you press the key that shows up in a bar. (There is a bar and a letter going to the left. Everytime you press a key it goes to the right and the objective is to go ahead and get the letter all the way to the right.) I can’t do this because I have multiple same keys and don’t know how to have them only be able to e pressed after you press the one before.

This is what I have and when I press R (For the second keypress) it presses the one at the bottom.

Hi @duskk,

That is very good request. What you can do, is to create a “when (1st) key is pressed” block and add two blocks inside - “when (2nd) key is pressed” and “when (1st) key is pressed” empty block to disable 1st key pressing logic. Then add 2 similar blocks inside “when (2nd) key is pressed” etc.
That doesn’t look good when you have a long sequence. We will think of how to make it more convenient in the future.

I have made a sample CoSpace for you with that code. Feel free to remix it and see the code

It doesn’t work I can keep on pressing f and it still moves the text to the right (its like a cod ending scene.)

You have to remove the keypress handler after you don’t need it anymore. You do it by adding a new empty “When key is pressed” CoBlock.
Here is how you can do it: