I need some CoBlocks/Coding Help!

Hey there Cospaces forum,
Friends and I are working on a School project building a Car Game. Now we mainly have the feature of customizing you car by simply colliding with an object which triggers a change of color or an attachment of an object on your car. We simply said if “Car” collides with cub “Black” change color of “Car” to color of “Black”, put that in a run parallel which is in run forever. We redid that for everything else. We now found own only the last of these gets executed, we also tried to run it in different “CoBlocks scripts” again only the last “Script” got executed.

Does someone have an idea to fix this?

Sincerely Gerrit

Hi @Gerrit,

Please, check the answer to the similar question in this topic.
Also, you don’t have to put collision CoBlock into run forever loop.